Spotted: New Benefit Hoola Lite Bronzer

Finding new products that I haven’t read about yet is kind of my favorite thing. I’m too small of a blogger to get press releases early, but spotting brand new things I haven’t heardΒ many people talking about yet kind of makes me giddy.

First up is the product I hadn’t heard boo about until today. Apparently Benefit is launching a new Hoola Bronzer Lite.

Benefit Hoola Lite

This image was in the latest Ulta ad that showed up yesterday at my house.Β It isn’t on Ulta’s website yet, but you can purchase it off of Benefit’s website. The new Ulta ad goes live this Sunday, so I’m guessing that is when we will see it posted for purchase. What’s also interesting is that this appears to be an Ulta exclusive, which means Sephora for some reason isn’t getting this. For a product that is such a cult favorites, I’m really surprised by this.

Personally, I’m VERY excited about the new tone of this bronzer if the images are correct. I actually thought the original Hoola bronzer was great for fair skin if applied lightly. But now I’m over the moon excited for the Lite version.

I’m actually really glad I haven’t used my Ulta Platinum Perk 20% off coupon yet. I’ll be waiting at least until Sunday to make an online purchase specifically to get this.

What do you guys think? Are you excited to pick this up?

Benefit Hoola Lite

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